13 Mar 2014

Message from a fellow cyclist

Submitted by Claireprospert

Why do we campaign for cycling and a safe quality infrastructure?

Above all, there is huge sense of unfairness faced by the small minority of people who cycle as a means of transport, to go from A to B, everyday or regularly. The people we call the brave ones, because, despite the hostile conditions on the roads, they do it.

As most minorities, we are not cared for, abused and blamed in many ways.

26 Jan 2014

At the LCGD conference, Cllr Nick Forbes, the Leader of Newcastle City Council showed his support to cycling and talked about the 'bigger picture', and how cycling is an essential part of a fair and sustainable economy. While you can listen to his entire opening speech or read the transcript here, we have selected some highlights for you, and added our comments too:

10 Oct 2012

Bikes on Metro - NEXUS survey

Submitted by Claireprospert

Earlier this year, we pressed for a Bikes on Metro trial – although NEXUS bosses said no, at least it kick started a stakeholders’ group examining the long-standing question of whether bicycles can be carried on the TW Metro.

As part of this investigation, NEXUS are surveying Metro passengers (on-train) and a wider population (off train) in order to capture the views of bike users and non-bike users:

2 Sep 2012

This week the Campaign for Better Transport released their 2012 Car Dependency Scorecard. In the scorecard, Gateshead was ranked last in the category for Walking and Cycling, with Newcastle also ranking low at 22nd (out of 26).

In the scorecard, the Future Plans for Newcastle and Gateshead are also seen as a problem as they seem to have no measures to address the low Walking and Cycling scores for the area.

4 Feb 2012



An open letter was sent today to Metro bosses asking to pilot the carriage of standard bicycles on their network.

The bicycle ban on Metro trains has for decades been a big bugbear to the cycling community. The Newcastle Cycling Campaign collected corroborating evidence in 2011, and swiftly submitted this to Metro bosses. The cycling community was also quick to renew their demand to carry bikes on the trains at an event organised by Metro in November 2011.


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