Strategic Routes

18 Jan 2013

Skidding! Walker goes Biking

Submitted by Katsdekker

Leading on from our rather positive article "Walker goes biking" - it now seems that your help is urgently needed, as heavy opposition is mounting against new cycle lanes proposed for the strategic cycle route in Walker, Newcastle. Not only does the opposition fail to give clear reasons, we are also very concerned by its anti-cycling nature and tone.

We were involved in the design of the Walker route and although the final plans could be better, they do have our support.

Organised by Newcastle council, please come along and give a strong voice to cycling improvements. Every help appreciated! There will be' table discussions', and the the clearer we can get the message across how important safe space is for cycling (current and new cyclists) the better.

The basic points screaming out to be made are

- cycle lanes / paths give clarity of space
- cycle lanes / paths afford safety
- blocked cycle lanes / paths (parked cars) are useless
- interrupted cycle lanes / paths (by silly design) are useless


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