9 Mar 2013

An eyetest for Gateshead

Submitted by Katsdekker

Discussion on our sister website GatesheadCycling sometimes goes into a spin on the subject of cycling numbers in Gateshead. So it's worth noting that recently we were reminded by the census that Gateshead is far from seeing a cycling revolution. With a meager 0.4 percentage point increase cycle commuting now has a modal share of 1.5% in Gateshead, "boosted" from 1.1% in 2001.

This is almost below detection limits! And should serve as an eye opener to Gateshead.

31 Jan 2013

Going public on health

Submitted by Katsdekker

Did you know that our patron is Prof Stephen Singleton? He has been backing the campaign since our early days: "Cycling could transform Tyneside. If cycling was a tablet or a medical intervention it would be a best buy for the health service" and he continues here. More recent developments in the health landscape will result in decision-making on public health strategy and budget spending being more made more locally.


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