27 Sep 2014

BBC Look North (27 September 2014)

Cllr Nick Forbes remarks "Well, Newcastle is the kind of place that people haven't really associated with cycling in the past. It's not really got the history or heritage of it. But we are determined to put in place Strategic Cycle Routes which will be a really strong legacy of the future. And the more people we can encourage to switch to cycling as much as for health reasons as economic reasons that reduces air pollution, that increases road safety and it's good for everybody."

26 Sep 2014

Space4Cycling - ward support map

Submitted by Newcycling

In addition to checking out the ward map below, you can also download a spreadsheet (file attached below) showing exactly which Newcastle Councillors have signed up (or not, as it may be).

If your ward is not yet in full support, you can still write to your Councillors, and ask for their support. Not sure which ward you live in? Find your ward with

18 Sep 2014

Helsinki Cycling Strategy

Submitted by Newcycling

Mima, one of our members, just got back from Helsinki, her hometown. She was pleasantly surprised to see more people cycling in the finish capital, a trend she had already noticed over the last few years. In her online investigation, she came across the City Cycling Strategy 2013 – an ambitious programme building on a steady increase in cycling since the early 2000s. Helsinki’s modal share target, 15% by 2020, is not too dissimilar to Newcastle's ambition of 12% by 2022.