18 Sep 2014

Helsinki Cycling Strategy

Submitted by Newcycling

Mima, one of our members, just got back from Helsinki, her hometown. She was pleasantly surprised to see more people cycling in the finish capital, a trend she had already noticed over the last few years. In her online investigation, she came across the City Cycling Strategy 2013 – an ambitious programme building on a steady increase in cycling since the early 2000s. Helsinki’s modal share target, 15% by 2020, is not too dissimilar to Newcastle's ambition of 12% by 2022.

16 Sep 2014

Acorn Road consultation response

Submitted by Newcycling

In the future, we would like to see Acorn Road fully pedestrianised along its entire length from Osborne Road to St George's Terrace. It should be permeable to walking and cycling and should filter out vehicle traffic. This hands space back to people, allowing social interaction and cleaner air and thus creating a welcoming street for shoppers who would feel comfortable in spending longer periods of time on it. Pedestrianisation would bring about a step change towards space-fairness: pedestrians and cyclists have been found to spend more in local shops than drivers.

11 Sep 2014

On Tuesday 26 August the Management Committee endorsed Sally Watson as Jesmond branch chair. The Committee is absolutely delighted to see the campaign grow and Sally take up this pivotal post. On the Committee's behalf, Katja says "We warmly welcome Sally to our campaign team. Sally will expertly lead the Jesmond branch and take action and make things happen locally. I know Sally to be inclusive, professional, communicative, very approachable and she can be firm too when needed. Sally will be a fantastic branch chair.