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Information pages

  • Cycling and retail [html] and [pdf] LAST UPDATED August 2013
  • What we are asking for - clarifications to engineers [html]
  • Planning a cycle network [pdf]
  • Principles of protection [pdf]

Campaign policies

  • section in progress (policies on infrastructure design)

Newcastle documents

  • Petition for Safe Cycling in Newcastle [html]
  • Newcastle's 10 year programme (CCAF) [html]
  • NewcastleGateshead 1Plan [pdf]
  • Newcastle's 10 year cycle plan (2022) [pdf]
  • Go Dutch ThinkBike workshop report [pdf]

Making the case for walking, cycling and car-restraint...

  • PRESTO: learning from others (European projects) [html]
  • Sustrans: hoppers and how they travel LN02 [pdf]
  • Sustrans: retail vitality FF39 [pdf]
  • Cycling and the justice system (Jake Voelcker) [html]
  • CTC briefing sheet - Cycling and the economy [pdf]
  • Collection of Cycle Concepts [html]
  • UK Design CID LTN 2/08 [pdf]
  • US Design NACTO [html]
  • UK Compendium of international practice - Cycling in the City [html]
  • European Commission - Reclaiming city streets for people [pdf]
  • European Commission - Cycling: the way ahead for towns and cities [pdf]

Online reports

  • Get Britain Cycling : Phil Goodwin’s full report [pdf]
  • Get Britain Cycling : Summary & Recommendations [pdf]
  • Understanding walking and cycling' (Final report, summary findings) ['pdf]
  • The war on motorists: Myth or reality? [pdf]
  • Transport and the Economy by T&E [html]
  • Fairness in a car-dependent society by SDC [pdf]
  • Europe's Parking U-turn by ITDP [html]
  • Living Streets on pavement parking [pdf]

Recommended reading list

    "City Cycling" 2012
    John Pucher (Editor), Ralph Buehler (Editor)
    ISBN-10: 0262517817 ISBN-13: 978-0262517812
    Synopsis: Another academic assessment of what is required to get more people cycling. Another well-researched call for policies and infrastructure.

    "The Energy Glut: The Politics of Fatness in an Overheating World" 2010
    Ian Roberts
    ISBN-10: 1848135181 ISBN-13: 978-1848135185
    Synopsis: sustainable travel and unhealthy lifestyles are linked. More space must be given to active travel, and that's a political (not a personal) problem.

    "Traffic: Why we drive the way we do (and what it says about us)" 2009
    Tom Vanderbilt
    ISBN-10: 0141027398 ISBN-13: 978-0141027395
    Synopsis: Funny and eye-opening read on what happens when you get into a car and close that door...

    "Beauty and the Bike" 2009
    Darlington Media Group, Arts Centre, Vane Terrace, Darlington. DL3 7AX.
    Contact email

    "Traffic Jam: Ten Years of Sustainable Transport in the UK" 2008
    Iain Docherty (Editor), Jon Shaw (Editor)
    ISBN-10: 1847420729 ISBN-13: 978-1847420725
    Synopsis: Damning assessment of sustainable travel policy in the UK, political will and the road lobby.

    "Car Sick" 2006
    Lynn Sloman
    ISBN-10: 190399876X ISBN-13: 978-1903998762
    Synopsis: Life without car overuse is possible. The majority is in favour for this to happen. We have to squeeze road space for car use, to provide better walking and safer cycling conditions.

Council contacts

Get in touch with your local council for routine cycling matters, cycle maps, improvement suggestions and general cycle information. Contact details taken from Cycle North East Brochure Summer/Autumn 2013